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Support our Vision

SABA Lombok is aiming to be self sustainable, but to kick our project off, we appreciate your generous donations. All the profit of the projects will flow back into the NGO.

Thank you for choosing to invest in the community of Indonesia! With your help, we can bring our vision to life. 

*Donations towards our association are 100% tax deductible in Switzerland.



General Donation 

One-time donation to NGO SABA LOMBOK, to be used wherever it is most urgent.  


Student Sponsorship

Help a student to get one month of free education       


250 / Month

Coming soon


The groundbreaking means long-term jobs for about 40 construction workers from the neighborhood, supervised by

construction managers with a lot of experience in the local construction industry. At the same time, gardeners start our tree nursery and train our first trainees. With the opening of the bungalow resort in 2024 (completion of phase 1), we will be able to cover all training areas (hotel professionals, operational and building maintenance staff, cleaning specialists).


With the goal of training the students with the required know-how by the end of phase 2, we are ready for new apprentices. With the completion of phase 2, the capacity of the accommodation will double and creates new jobs and training positions. What the qualified apprenticeship graduates have learned in two years should be further promoted and multiplied. The number of employees and trainees is to increase steadily, and by the end of phase 3 it should also be possible to train restaurant staff in a professional way.

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