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Community Center

With the Community Center, we want to create a place where new beginnings can arise through encounters and adventures. 

We want to build bridges between people from all over the world, to be a meeting place for a lively and diverse community. It will be perched on top of the hill and include restaurant with gastro kitchen, pool area, community terrace, chillout lounge and fire pit. But that's not all: we would like to use this platform, which combines an infectious joie de vivre with a relaxed feel-good atmosphere, as a practical training facility in the gastronomy and hospitality sector to give young locals a fair chance on the booming job market in Lombok. In this way, learned theoretical skills can be practically consolidated and practiced in a motivating environment. 


With your financial support, you will help turn this vision into reality and make a meaningful difference for young people and their families in Lombok.

masterplan sketch status 04-22 1.png
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