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We're dreaming of a place where encounters and adventures create new beginnings. Whether for a surf camp, family holidays or tourists - we want to be a place where people from all over the world can connect. ​Through our hospitality school, which is run by NGO SABA Social, we have a sustainable impact in the local community and ensure you as a privat investor can enjoy your slice of paradise without any hassle.



Land & Villa Investment


One of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the archipelago with an International Airport offering direct flights to Singapore, Malaysia & Australia with many more in the pipeline

  • Bali connectivity via 18 flights per day as well as fast boat services

  • Firm Government commitment to infrastructure development with investments already made into roads, power plants, waste management and water treatment facilities

  • International port terminal and marinas attracting luxury cruise ships and yachts from around the world

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Saba Social

By providing good training and nurturing talent, we aim to give young Indonesians the opportunity to take a solid first step into the professional world. We want to educate innovative, indispensable staff in the hospitality management field, which is equipped with the necessary know-how to be integrated into and benefit from the thriving tourism of Lombok.

Binding employment under appropriate working conditions provides social security and reduces poverty. It strengthens self-confidence, individual resilience and coexistence among individuals, and can help entire communities to flourish.

We are convinced that offering comprehensive training will bring a boost in the development of Lombok's social inequality. SABA Social recognizes the current needs and meets them with the Hospitality and Property Management Training.

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How to support SABA Social


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with your support, we can give young indonesians the opportunity to take a solid first step into the professional world. 

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Meet The Team


In 2017 we got to know each other as volunteers at ICF Cambodia in Siem Reap and immediately got along with each other perfectly. Levi and Leo were responsible for the planning, implementation and commissioning of the ICF Wake Park, the first full-size cable in Cambodia.

Jael has put a lot of passion and creativity into programming at Kids Church. As a trained primary school teacher, she has invested in many young Cambodians. Nadia has indulged her passion for medical and organizational matters. She worked as CEO assistant and brings a lot of experience in Custom Relation and Communications. 

For the high-quality training in our NGO, it is important to us to involve competent experts and to recruit a team of motivated, competent employees.

Are you interested and do you have experience in one of the training areas mentioned? Don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We are looking forward to meet you!


Jael Wunderli

Finance /



Levi Wunderli

Co-Founder /

Project Manager

Leo Reuter

Co-Founder /

Project Manager

Nadia Reuter

Customer Relations /


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